Bi-Annual Operations Report

Bi-Annual Operations Report

Alpine Haven Property Owners Bi-Annual Operations Report  December 2018


Dear Community Members,

Recently the board and I decided that it would be nice to be updating association members on the various moving parts of the community more than just at the Annual General Meeting.  The result,  here is an operations report summing up how the year has gone since my annual report in August.


This late summer and fall we completed the replacement and installation of some culverts that were in critical need of attention.  The replaced culverts include the culvert that runs under Highland Drive just East of chalet #80, the culvert that runs under the Enzian Road just North of chalet #40 and the culvert that runs under the driveway of chalet #25.  We also installed a new culvert underneath Evergreen Lane just East of chalet #25.  The replacement of deteriorating culverts/installation of new culverts is required to maintain and improve our water runoff infrastructure.  We are already examining which culverts and areas we will need to prioritize next summer.

Besides the culverts, we dedicated much of our available resources and time to re-graveling many of our roads.  These areas included but are not limited to: all 3 main entrances, vast sections of Christmas Road and Waldhof Drive, the East side of Higland Drive and Mistletoe Lane.

The board has approved the purchase of a new grader for the tractor that has enhanced features that will allow us to grade the roads even better, as well as start pulling the gravel off the side from plowing back into the center.  The new grader will be in the field this coming spring.


Winter snow removal has been underway for quite some time already, maybe too long.  This winter we are very happy to have Dylan Gendron back to assist Cedric with snow removal.  This is Dylan’s 2nd season with us and we are all very happy with how hard both he and Cedric work to keep our roads and driveways safe and passable.

If you rent your chalet, or have guests up, please remind them that good snow tires are needed to drive safely here in the winter.  Almost all of the issues we have had this winter have involved vehicles without decent snow tires.  Also, please remind your renters and guests, under no circumstance should anyone be parking in the road during the winter.  If someone is having issues getting into a driveway, or if a property has too many cars and can’t get them all into a driveway, Cedric has plowed two spots for people to park.  One is next to the park across from the volley ball court and the other is on Christmas Road by the maintenance garage.


That about covers it.  From all of us on the operations side of Alpine Haven please have a great winter and an amazing 2019.


Thanks,  Mike

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