July 1, 2015

July 1, 2015

DATE: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PLACE: Teleconference

PRESENT: G Holder, H. Sauvagnat, A. Perry, Jeff Usheroff

W. Hayman, N. Barletta; D. Tanguay

** These are the unofficial minutes until approved by the board. **


President Holder called the meeting to order at 12:14 PM


Al started the discussion on the status of AHH negotiations by stating the most important action to take today is to confirm the engagement with KRDA (Rob Scharf) as attorney to assist with collection of delinquent debt from AHH. Al proposed this to confirm due to Henry wanting to settle AHH debt without an attorney. Al wants to stay on course, as the prior year, with an attorney and not change attorney midstream. Henry stated attorney had changed board decision as a counteroffer to AHH. Al stated the attorney did not change any decision of the board. The board changed its decision after receiving recommendations from our attorney. Revisions to the proposed counteroffer to AHH have been brought back to the board for approval. The attorney is only acting as authorized by the board with communications to AHH.

Henry requested to have the different committees noted in the minutes as there isn’t a viewable trace of creating them. Minutes should reflect the discussion and the board as a whole decides, thus the board acting correctly and using good governance. Committees should have very well defined roles and responsibilities. Legal matters need to have better governance and all communications needs to be passed on to all board members. Henry will distribute a Roles & Responsibility guideline when it comes to legal matters to all board members for acceptance and adherence if approved.

AHH negotiation status – Al stated a counteroffer was sent on May 8, 2015 with respect to hear back by May 22, 2015. There have been a couple communications from AHH during the last few weeks but COOP has not received any definitive response or counteroffer. Around June 5, 2015 a detailed communication and counteroffer of May 8, 2015 was distributed to all board members. June 5th detailed all charges to AHH from June 2006 thru present time. This detail showed COOP was in compliant with agreement of June 2006 that we validated all charges, and we have had no response to this either. Our attorney has sent a communication to AHH requesting a reply to our previous communications. Jeff stated that AHH did confirm receipt of billing summary document and would take some time to review it, approximately 3 weeks ago.

Present agreement – 13 units at 2/3 costs of full chalet of fixed costs. COOP will moderate on the fixed costs running the system and agreed on 5 at full rate with no discount. Offered to forgive $10k

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