Official Alpine Haven Association policy on use of recreation facilities.

Official Alpine Haven Association policy on use of recreation facilities.

Alpine Haven recreation bracelet policy

Hello all,  as many of you who have used the pool lately may have noticed, the new signs at each gate allude to a “green membership bracelet.”  Well the signs were done a little before the bracelet plan was ready to roll-out but we are now ready to begin distributing the bracelets to association members and will begin and the annual general meeting and the community picnic that follows.  If you are unable to attend either of these events please email me and we can discuss alternate ways to get you your bracelets.

The bracelets and the concept are easy.  Every chalet that is a member of the association will get two membership bracelets.  You should put your bracelets somewhere easy to find and remember inside your chalet.  Whenever you or your guests are going to use any of the association recreation facilities (pool, tennis court, volley ball court or Frisbee Golf Course) just bring a bracelet.  One person in your party should be wearing or have in their possession a membership bracelet every time they are using the any of the association rec facilities.  I have also attached the official association policy as a PDF so that members who rent their chalet can easily post the rules in their chalets.

Official Association Recreation Use Policy:

Alpine Haven recreation facilities (pool, tennis court, volley ball court, Frisbee golf course) are for Association members and their guests only. All properties that are members in the Association have been given two “AHA” bracelets that are required to be worn by at least one person in any group at any of the recreation facilities. Property owners who have specifically opted out of Association membership and their guests, or renters, are restricted from using the recreation facilities even as guests of an Association member.

Please feel contact me with any questions or concerns,  Mike

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