Winter is here!!! Snow Removal Policies…

Winter is here!!! Snow Removal Policies…

Dear residents,  as many of you know winter has arrived and we’ve gotten a small amount of snow over the last couple days.  For those of you new to the community, here’s a quick recap of our snow removal policies.

It is our goal to make sure the roads are safe and passable for two wheel drive vehicles with good snow tires.  We try to start plowing the roads around 7 am when it’s necessary.  It is our policy that we do not begin to plow the roads until there is at least 2 inches of snow on them and for plowing driveways we usually wait for a little more accumulation.

Early Season Plowing:The first couple decent snow falls of the year make for a very difficult conundrum when it comes to our snow removal policies.  Plowing our roads when the ground isn’t frozen scraps off all the top surface gravel that we work so hard to apply during the summer.  We carefully weigh all the factors and try to make the best decision for our long term road health while also making sure the roads are safe and passable.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

For non-members that do not receive driveway plowing services, Alpine Haven follows the same plowing model as the town of Montgomery and the State of Vermont, when they plow the town and state roads.  We will not be lifting the plow as we pass driveways, and we will not be cleaning up the mouths of driveways that we do not plow.  If you are a non-member, please communicate our policies to your chosen snow removal contractor to help avoid any issues.  Also, please remind your chosen snow removal professional that snow from your driveway must stay on your property, and not be pushed onto the road, culverts or any Alpine Haven right-of-way.  Further, any driveway snow removal must not damage the grading or surface of Alpine Haven’s road network, including culverts.  All snow removal professionals hired to plow driveways must be adequately insured and licensed.  Snow removal professionals and/or any homeowner that engages a private snow removal may be held liable for any damages to Alpine Haven’s road infrastructure or injuries caused to persons travelling the right of way.  Alpine Haven also reserves the right to charge an additional fee against any homeowner, or his or her agents, found to be removing and placing snow onto the roads, culverts or property of Alpine Haven, or damaging the roads of Alpine Haven.

We would like to remind residents that winter conditions here in the mountains can vary greatly and deteriorate suddenly.  We strongly encourage all owners and their guests to have high quality snow tires when visiting Northern Vermont.  Please also remember that during the wintertime, homeowners are not permitted to park in the Alpine Haven right of way, and may be towed at the owner’s expense.

If you have special concerns regarding the snow removal at your property please contact me to discuss issues and if necessary arrange to meet.

Thanks,  Mike

Alpine Haven Operations Manager
Mike Pratt
Phone:   802-326-3171
Cell:   802-324-7554

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